Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Ayley Croft Update

As you can see we are making progress on refurbishing the childrens area. In the picture are Linda, who is the licensee for the hall, and Nick, my good friend and fellow decorator. The next stage will be to install the games and activities.

Please pray that God will continue to bless the work, and that He will continue to draw the people on the estate to Himself. It would be fantastic if salvation were to break out. In particular, please pray for Linda, as she is hoping to come to church on Sunday.

God bless
Prayers please

As I am sure most of you know by now Adrian has shingles, which must be bad because he has even temporarily closed down his blog. I saw him on Sunday as I brought his children back from spending the afternoon with us, and whilst in good spirits, he appeared to be confined to the sofa. After telling me he had managed to watch the England game, the following exchange took place.

Adrian: "Did they play well?"

Me: "Well, they weren't at their best, but I think it was an improvement on the Sweeden game. Still, Rooney lasted 90 minutes, and showed a glimpse of what he can do. we will need to better if are to beat Brazil, Argentina or Germany, but on the whole I was.......

Adrian (interrupting). "Stop! I meant the kids. Did the KIDS play well together?"

One day he will understand.

So lets pray for our brother in his time of discomfort; It would be great to see him back to form. Meanwhile Adrian, "count it all joy", and use your "sofa time" wisely.

God bless

Thursday, June 22, 2006

World Cup Warnie....Round 2.

The above pictures were taken during the England v Sweeden game on Tuesday evening;
as you can see they clearly demonstrate the Prince of Blogger's interest in the beautiful game.

Several righteous and upstanding members of Jubilee Church reported hearing the following comments.

Adrian to his son Henry (30 seconds after the start of the match) ; "I thought England were playing"

Henry to Adrian: "They are Dad."

Adrian to Henry. "Where son? All I can see are a team in yellow and a team in red, and England play in white."

Adrian to anyone in earshot (after Frank Lampard shoots just wide) . "That would have gone in if the goals were a bit wider."

Adrian to Henry ( at the atart of the second half). "Oh! I get it; England keep changing the colour of their shirts; first white, then red, and now yellow."

To his credit however, he was the only person in the room who correctly diagnosed Michael Owen's injury some 48 hrs before it was confirmed by the press. With one eye on his blackberry, and the other casting a cursory glance on Mr. Owen writhing about in his agony throes, Doctor Warnie, with an air of supreme nonchalance, announced: "there goes his anterior cruchet ligament."

If only he had said something like..."Oh no! What will England do now? That Donkey Crouch will have to come on, and we will have to resort to a long ball game. Why on earth didn't Eriksson, pick Defoe or Bent instead of Walcott." (which is pretty much what everyone else in the room said. But then that is the languge of football, and one The Prince does not speak.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

World Cup Warnie

My friend in the picture needs no introduction to anyone who has a passing interest in the Christian blogsphere; but in case you haven't heard, he is none other than The Prince of Bloggers, Doctor Adrian Warnock, or, "Warnie" as he is affectionately known.

On Sunday he preached an outstanding sermon about there" being no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus." You might think that such an amazing sermon was the work of hours of labour. Not so my friends, he compiled all his sermon notes whilst keeping one eye on the England v Paraguay game!!

Had he kept both eyes on the game he might not have had to ask Kemi (our pastor's wife) the following questions (all overheard by yours truly).

1. (20 minutes into the first half) "which way are England kicking?"
2."what is that yellow card the referee is holding up?"............that would be a yellow card Adrian.
3. (To his son Henry at half time) "Are you enjoying the game Henry? Is Rooney playing well?"

Still, if he had kept both eyes on the game we may not have blessed with his most excellent sermon. God bless you my friend, and thaks for a wonderful message.