Tuesday, June 13, 2006

World Cup Warnie

My friend in the picture needs no introduction to anyone who has a passing interest in the Christian blogsphere; but in case you haven't heard, he is none other than The Prince of Bloggers, Doctor Adrian Warnock, or, "Warnie" as he is affectionately known.

On Sunday he preached an outstanding sermon about there" being no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus." You might think that such an amazing sermon was the work of hours of labour. Not so my friends, he compiled all his sermon notes whilst keeping one eye on the England v Paraguay game!!

Had he kept both eyes on the game he might not have had to ask Kemi (our pastor's wife) the following questions (all overheard by yours truly).

1. (20 minutes into the first half) "which way are England kicking?"
2."what is that yellow card the referee is holding up?"............that would be a yellow card Adrian.
3. (To his son Henry at half time) "Are you enjoying the game Henry? Is Rooney playing well?"

Still, if he had kept both eyes on the game we may not have blessed with his most excellent sermon. God bless you my friend, and thaks for a wonderful message.


Blogger jwd said...

Good answer to question #2! I wish we ugly Americans had more of an interest in "soccer." (I don't understand why we hijacked "football" to use for a game where the only players that kick the ball are generally not considered "real" football players.) It's a great game of amazing skill & endurance. I guess there's just enough stats for most of us.

8:42 PM  

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